Dheisheh refugee camp

Aspiring chef shot dead by Israeli soldier

Budour Youssef Hassan
Dheisheh refugee camp
25 February 2015

Jihad al-Jafari “dreamed of seeing Palestine free,” says grieving mother.

Villagers facing massive Israeli land grab urge action from Europe

Palestinians in Wadi Fukin want the EU to go beyond its criticisms of settlement expansion and introduce sanctions against Israel.

Two Palestinians shot dead as West Bank siege death toll rises to five - photos

A sixth victim died of a heart attack while reportedly preventing Israeli soldiers from invading his home.

Dheisheh camp "university" questions what it means to be a refugee

Daryl Meador
Dheisheh refugee camp
26 March 2013

Campus on Campus participant believes refugee camps should be seen as “homelands.”

Podcast: Indian boycott activist talks about “tremendous response” to Palestine solidarity call

An exclusive interview with Githa Hariharan of the Indian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, on the various initiatives across India which connect to the global BDS movement.

Rooftop gardens project aims to reduce refugees' dependence on aid

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
Dheisheh refugee camp
10 September 2012

Growing vegetables in rooftop gardens empowers Palestinian families who live in an overcrowded refugee camp.

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