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How development aid has failed Palestine and benefitted Israel

Sarah Irving
1 May 2015

Despite being aimed at academics, new book offers a biting critique of capitalist experiments in Palestine.

Is EU aid a smokescreen around Palestine's problems?

19 February 2014

Europe is paying for services that Israel is legally obliged to provide as the occupying power.

Where have $23 billion spent on Oslo “peace process” gone?

International “aid” after the 1993 Oslo accords helped make Palestinians worse, not better off. What can be done to turn things around?

Farmers' markets bypass foreign aid to Palestine

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
28 February 2013

Donors have helped undermine human rights, say groups working in the West Bank.

Stop playing by Israel's rules, aid workers urged

15 January 2013
Groups trying to help Palestinians should not ask the occupier for permits.

Rooftop gardens project aims to reduce refugees' dependence on aid

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
Dheisheh refugee camp
10 September 2012

Growing vegetables in rooftop gardens empowers Palestinian families who live in an overcrowded refugee camp.

Siege leaves 80 percent of Gaza's factories shut

Eva Bartlett
10 September 2012
Most of Gaza’s industrial factories have closed and remained shut since Israel sealed the borders and devastated the export economy beginning in 2006.

Why aid projects in Palestine are doomed to fail

Jeremy Wildeman
6 September 2012
Israeli control and major donors prioritizing their relationship with Israel prevent the delivering effective aid to Palestinians living under occupation.

Review: tortured optimism in Raja Shehadeh's "Occupation Diaries"

Sarah Irving
31 August 2012
Both Israel and the Palestinian Authority come under sharp criticism in Raja Shehadeh’s Occupation Diaries.

Israel causes $66 million worth of damage to EU-funded aid projects

Charlotte Silver
4 April 2012
A new report by the European Commission indicates that 82 humanitarian aid projects that it funded in the West Bank and Gaza Strip were destroyed or damaged by Israeli military attacks between 2001-2011.


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