Why can't media describe Chapel Hill murders as terrorism?

Brother of two women murdered by Craig Hicks says he has no doubt that it was an anti-Muslim hate crime.

EU must cease "material support" for Israel's crimes, say leading trade unions

Activists from nineteen countries demand the suspension of a key EU agreement with Israel.

UK supermarket sells fruit from illegal settlement as "made in Israel"

Israeli companies lie so routinely about the origin of their produce that EU plans to introduce new labeling guidance will probably prove unworkable.

BDS roundup: The victories of 2012

In this latest roundup of news from the global boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, we take a look back at a year full of victories.

EU sponsored Israeli weapons fair on eve of Gaza attacks

It is shocking that Europe’s support for a Tel Aviv arms fair, held just before Israel’s latest assault on Gaza, has gone unnoticed by the media.

BDS Roundup: Veolia loses another major contract in UK

Latest roundup of news from the global BDS movement: Veolia loses a $63 million contract in the UK; the Technical University of Denmark drops scientific collaboration projects with an Israeli settlement; and more!

London lawyer takes on corporations abetting Israel's crimes

Adri Nieuwhof
1 June 2012
Simon Natas on the case of solidarity activists who blockaded Ahava’s London flagship store and the role of G4s in Israel’s occupation.

BDS roundup: South Africa and Denmark to correctly label Israeli settlement products

South Africa and Denmark make historic rulings to correctly label Israeli settlement products; and international Quaker churches fully divest from the Caterpillar corporation.

The case for UN recognition of Palestine

Victor Kattan
13 June 2011
Victor Kattan argues that UN membership for a State of Palestine would be a strategic asset to the Palestinian struggle for self-determination, although there are risks involved.

Quartet ex-envoy's investment helps Israel greenwash settlements

Ali Abunimah
6 May 2010


Former World Bank president and Middle East Quartet envoy James D. Wolfensohn is an investor in an Israeli company that is developing transport infrastructure for Jewish-only settlements built in the occupied West Bank in violation of international law, an investigation by The Electronic Intifada reveals.

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