denial of entry

Virginia state agency cancels Jerusalem trip citing Israeli discrimination

Virginia State Bar cancels Jerusalem seminar citing Israel’s discriminatory practices against Palestinian Americans and other travelers.

Israel denies entry to South African boycott activist

A former EAPPI volunteer, Marthie Momberg was on her way to a Kairos Palestine conference in Bethlehem.

Canadian “peace coordinator” barred by Israel for ten years

The barring of MCC peace worker is not an isolated incident, but part of an apparent Israeli campaign against human rights and solidarity organizations.

Silence aids Israeli aggression

Tristan Thomas
6 May 2014
Israeli soldier fires tear gas rifle

Censoring my criticism of Israel didn’t prevent me from being denied entry.

US states should act against Israel's denial of entry to Americans

Mike Coogan
30 April 2014

In the last year, Israel’s discriminatory policies have come under increased scrutiny as it attempts to join the US Visa Waiver Program.

Why does Israel feel threatened by humanitarian workers?

Anne Irfan
24 February 2014

During my detention, Israeli officials seemed obsessed about my humanitarian activities.

Israel denies entry to members of team monitoring attacks on Palestinians in Hebron

Israel has mounted a brutal crackdown ever since an Israeli soldier was shot dead in the city on 22 September.

Why does US government let Israel discriminate against Americans?

Mike Coogan
29 August 2013

New laws would mean that Israel is held to different standards than other nations in the Visa Waiver Program.

Honoring Palestinian history: filmmaker Annemarie Jacir on "When I Saw You"

Headshot of young woman director
Annemarie Jacir on honoring the fedayeen who believed return to Palestine was a possibility.

Finding our voices in the Palestinian stories we tell

A personal reflection on a first-hand experience of exile.


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