demographic threat

Why is the American Federation of Teachers promoting Israeli apartheid?

Randi Weingarten, president of 1.5 million-strong teachers union, leads Israel propaganda tours and promotes J Street’s anti-Palestinian agenda.

As threats to Jews said to mount in Europe, Israeli minister gets “excited”

Israel continues to exaggerate and exploit anti-Semitism in its effort to bring in Jews and defeat the Palestinian “demographic threat.”

Billionaire patrons of Democratic and Republican parties united by fanaticism for Israel

Two American billionaires express hatred for Palestinians, democracy and a free and open press because all are bad for Israel.

The Gaza massacre is the price of a “Jewish state”

Arnon Soffer predicted Gaza slaughter a decade ago: “If we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day.”

UK anti-boycott activist spoke at Islamophobic conference

Ronnie Fraser, who sued his own union for discussing boycotts of Israel, featured at conference with Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders, Daniel Pipes.

Medical racism: Israel hospital director complains that too many African babies are being born

The official also played on common racist tropes of Africans and people of color as bearers of diseases.

Sterilize the Palestinian people, Dutch writer Leon de Winter says with Israeli ambassador listening

“Maybe we should secretly add some means of birth control to Gaza’s drinking water,” to a warm audience reception.

Teaching young people to hate: the ugly face of J Street's anti-Palestinian bigotry exposed

J Street poses as a kinder, gentler Israel lobby group, but behind the smiling exterior are the same hardcore anti-Palestinian views found elsewhere.

Africans as "flood," Palestinians as "demographic threat": Ruth Marcus' vulgar racism in Washington Post

Only when it comes to Israel do “mainstream” American commentators permit themselves to indulge in this kind of racism.

WATCH: Ali Abunimah and Commentary's Jonathan Tobin debate Israel's settlements, Jim Crow on Democracy Now

Ali Abunimah debates Jonathan Tobin of the far-right anti-Palestinian publication Commentary on Democracy Now today about Israel’s settlements and Jim Crow.


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