Defence for Children International-Palestine Section

Palestinian groups call on Gates Foundation to divest from Israeli prison contractor G4S

A call for the Gates Foundation to divest from G4S has been endorsed by more than 120 Palestinian and international organizations.

Israeli interrogator threatens sexual assault, home demolition, says Palestinian child

Testimonies collected by Palestinian and Israeli human rights groups suggest Israeli interrogators have threatened Palestinian kids with sexual violence.

183 Palestinian children arrested by army, facing Israeli military courts in January

Israeli forces detained and violently abused a 16-year-old Palestinian child, and nine children were arrested in one incident in January.

Children burned with cigarettes by Israeli soldiers in illegal settlement

In three separate incidents, Palestinian youths were arrested, detained and tortured by Israeli forces in September, a new report alleges.

New video highlights settler terror against Palestinian families

Why is this happening? “They want us to leave our homes. That’s what they want,” says one mother.

Israeli forces raid home to arrest 4-year-old, dad says

“I told the officer, ‘you want to arrest him; should I send milk and diapers with him?”

Six-year-old loses eye from bullets Israel promised to phase out

Dylan Collins and
Patrick O. Strickland
7 October 2013

Mousab Sarahnin’s family were shot at a moment after leaving a bus.

A Palestinian boy shot for drinking soda

Dina Elmuti
3 October 2013

Atta Sabah’s mother told me he would not be the last child attacked by Israel; unfortunately, she was right.

Stop shackling, abusing Palestinian children, UK artists and lawmakers tell Israel

Signed by high profile artists and politicians, the letter aims to draw attention to the plight of Palestinian children systematically abused in detention by Israeli occupation forces.


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