Dead Sea

TripAdvisor censors complaints about hotels in Israel's settlements

Mieke Zagt
8 April 2015

The travel website gives deceptive addresses for Israeli hotels in the occupied West Bank.

Rights abuses make AHAVA a tough sell

Upscale online retailer Gilt confirms that it no longer carries company’s cosmetics.

Israel-backed "solution" could worsen Gaza's water crisis

Desalination could help Israel to continue evading its obligations under international law.

How “historic” Israel-Jordan water deal leaves Palestinians high and dry

Clemens Messerschmid and
Muna Dajani
4 February 2014

Palestinians and Jordanians may end up buying back water from Israel, that should rightfully be theirs, at grossly inflated prices.

World Bank project to “save” Dead Sea will destroy it, say Palestinian groups

“It has become clear beyond doubt that the project is an unacceptable attempt to force the Palestinian population to consent to their own dispossession and to compromise on their own rights.”

Bedouins await Israel's forcible relocation plan

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
Khan al-Ahmar
29 April 2013
Girl in school uniform holds book

Israel wants community near Jerusalem to live “like sardines in a tin.”

Why is cosmetics brand “Yes to Carrots” trying to hide its ties to Israel?

After inquiries by The Electronic Intifada, “Yes to Carrots” deleted information about its Israeli ties.

The Electronic Intifada weekly podcast: Nancy Kricorian on BDS campaigns against Israel's pillage in West Bank

Nancy Kricorian of the Stolen Beauty BDS campaign on the significance of a new report by Al Haq designating Israel’s resource theft in the Dead Sea as a crime of pillage; and much more.

Israel, settlers committing war crime of pillage in Dead Sea, says new report

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
3 September 2012
By mining natural resources from the occupied West Bank for its own economic purposes, Israel is committing the war crime of pillage.

Video: Palestinians turned away from Dead Sea resort as Israelis, Europeans and dogs enter freely

An Israeli-run Dead Sea beach resort in the occupied West Bank attempted turned away a number of families on Friday, 13 April, apparently just because they were Palestinian.


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