David Horowitz

Student troubled by New York Times reporter's “Jewish litmus test”

Students say New York Times reporters posed inappropriate questions for story on campus anti-Semitism and the BDS movement.

Israel defender Alan Dershowitz has long history of attacking sex abuse victims

As rape allegations against Alan Dershowitz intensify, his bellicose denials, steeped in brazen hostility towards rape victims, reflect a shockingly overlooked history of hysterical misogyny and rape trutherism.

Top players in Islamophobia industry paid over $150,000 per year

Thirty-seven laws hostile to Islam have been introduced across the US so far this year.

Palestinian Media Watch's "biased" director no expert, rules Israeli court

The director of an influential right-wing Israeli organization that monitors Palestinian media has been undermined by an Israeli court which recently ruled he is not an expert.

Oslo Freedom Forum founder’s ties to Islamophobes who inspired mass killer Anders Breivik

Max Blumenthal
New York City
14 May 2013
Panelists at Oslo Freedom Forum

Norwegian government and Amnesty International co-sponsor “human rights” forum produced by group funded by big donors to Islamophobes who were cited by murderer.

Weddady's Free Arabs, American Islamic Congress and the pro-Israel funders who helped them rise

Max Blumenthal
New York City
7 May 2013
Man wearing blue robe looks at his phone in a radio station suite

A group that rose with US government and Israel lobby funding during the early stages of the Iraq war incubated the controversial new website “Free Arabs.”

Sodomy for jihad? Venerable LGBT magazine The Advocate spreads vile Islamophobic hoax

The Advocate, an important US-based national gay and lesbian news magazine, has published a homophobic, racist, sectarian and Islamophobic hoax as if it is actual news.

Horowitz smear will only invigorate boycott Israel campaign

David Letwin
New York City
7 May 2012
David Horowitz’s New York Times attack ad exploits the Holocaust to distract from Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people.

148 professors sign letter objecting to New York Times Nazi ad, but paper refuses to run it

One hundred and forty-eight US college professors signed a letter objecting to an advertisement in The New York Times by notorious racist David Horowitz naming indvidual faculty members at several US colleges and accusing them of inciting murder of Jewish children, and likening the movement to boycott Israel (BDS) to Nazism.

Anti-Palestinian group StandWithUs attempts to smear me but ends up with egg on its face

StandWithUs, the anti-Palestinian group that works closely with the Israeli government to smear, sue and censor the Palestine solidarity movement, attempted to smear me today but instead ended up with egg on its face.

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