David Cameron

Why was Palestinian suffering forgotten on Holocaust Remembrance Day?

Michael Lesher
17 April 2015

I cannot remain silent while Jewish leaders turn the lessons of Nazi genocide upside down.

UK government tries to smear "boycott Israel" call as anti-Jewish

New report by communities ministry conflates anti-Semitism with criticism of Israel.

Scottish independence could be positive for Palestine

Military equipment made in Fife has been used during Israel’s attack on Gaza.

Watch: Irish senator condemns Gaza massacre, “Nazi talk” by Israelis

Senator David Norris, a former presidential candidate, also called for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from Dublin. Meanwhile, UK deputy prime minister backs arms embargo.

UK activists shut factory, demand Israel arms embargo

A direct action group has shut down an Israeli subsidiary, saying they intend to stay there as long as possible.

Britain admits selling $12 billion in weapons to Israel

David Cameron’s government publishes data showing that sales of military goods are far higher than previously believed.

Boycotting Israel is the "way to go," says Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters

David Cronin
18 March 2013

Roger Waters is calling on musicians everywhere not to play Tel Aviv.

Love Israel? If you're a British MP, join the queue

Labor leader Ed Miliband’s recent declaration of support for Zionism follows a familiar pattern among the British ruling elite.

"UN must prosecute Israel for war crimes," says Bloody Sunday lawyer

Adri Nieuwhof
24 February 2012
Michael Mansfield, a juror for the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, talks about the tribunal’s shadow report documenting Israel’s apartheid policies that tears apart Israel’s report to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.


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