David Ben Gurion

Israel's conspiracy to invade Nasser's Egypt

Rod Such
28 January 2015

A new edition of Avi Shlaim’s book on the 1956 invasion of Egypt is solid, but not much has been updated.

Gaza reminds us of Zionism's original sin

Miko Peled
19 August 2014

It is vital that we do not cooperate with the Israeli authorities.

“The old will die and the young will forget” - Did Ben-Gurion say it?

Research by The Electronic Intifada has shown that an infamous quotation about Palestinian refugees has been misattributed to Israel’s first prime minister.

The right of return is a core issue for Palestinians; let's realize it

Raed Habayeb
4 April 2013

A conference in Boston this weekend will explore the practical steps towards achieving justice for Palestinian refugees.

Obama makes fun of heckler asking "who killed Rachel Corrie?"

Rabeea Eid, the Palestinian who interrupted Obama’s speech, says it’s necessary to make sure that the US presidential visit isn’t treated as something “normal.”

New book by Tel Aviv historian uncovers "Land of Israel" myths

Asa Winstanley
28 January 2013

Shlomo Sand documents Zionism’s invention of “Eretz Israel” as a national homeland.

Israel rides the rollercoaster of mass hysteria

Ilan Pappe
18 April 2012
French grandmas, a retired poet and nuclear holocaust are all threats of the same magnitude in the post-modern world of the current captains of the Israeli Titanic.

Unmasking Gershom Gorenberg, historian and apologist for ethnic cleansing

Stephen Maher
1 December 2011
Zionism seeks to erase and rewrite history in order to avoid accepting its ugly colonial legacy.
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