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Rolling Stones accused of hypocrisy as Tel Aviv gig announced

The Palestinian national boycott committee says that the Rolling Stones’ planned gig is much like those few artists who played Sun City during the era of South African apartheid.

Beyoncé denies she's going to Israel

Earlier this week, Israeli media were abuzz with the news that Beyoncé would be playing a gig in Tel Aviv this summer. The singer’s representative has denied this.

140 Irish academics pledge to boycott Israeli institutions

According to Academics for Palestine, “Irish universities have collaborated with Israel in 257 projects to date, seven of them listed as ‘security’ and 13 as ‘aerospace.’”

Moddi cancels Tel Aviv gig after appeal from Gaza

In his powerful statement, Moddi explains that “Although music can be a unique arena for public debate, the debate over these territories has been misused for a long time. Discussion and dialogue creates an impression of constant progress.”

“Made in Israel” film festival draws protest in Dublin

Dublin film festival sponsored by Israeli government whitewashes Israeli government’s crimes against Palestinians, protestors say.

Tom Jones admits it's not unusual to boycott Israel

The legendary Welsh crooner snubbed calls to stand in solidarity with Palestinians by boycotting Israel – but has now admitted it was a controversial move.

Latin American writers say Israel must abandon “colonial” Zionist ideology

Israel’s invitation to be “guest of honor” at the Guadalajara International Book Fair later this month has provoked controversy in Mexico.

A sanitized military occupation in Ziad Doueri's facile film on suicide bombing

Maureen Clare Murphy
6 September 2013

Even Shin Bet intelligence officers are presented as sympathetic in The Attack.

Israel boycott campaigners reject “threats” claim by Afropop star Salif Keita

“We contact these artists with the goal of convincing them and at the same time winning their hearts and minds.”

Israeli apartheid and the tears of Juliette Binoche

Oscar-winning French actress, who previously spoke out for Palestinian rights, rapped for promoting cosmetics in Tel Aviv.


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