Craig Corrie

“Boycotting Israel works,” says Rachel Corrie’s dad

Joe Catron
Gaza City
27 November 2012

Craig Corrie underscored the importance of BDS campaigns as he visited Gaza just before it came under attack.

Sharing the pain of Israeli injustice with Rachel Corrie's family

Janan Abdu
13 September 2012
No words were necessary when Janan Abdu, activist and wife of political prisoner Ameer Makhoul, met Cindy Corrie after last month’s court verdict.

The Electronic Intifada weekly podcast: exclusive interview with Craig and Cindy Corrie on court verdict

Rachel Corrie’s parents speak to The Electronic Intifada about their reaction to the recent court verdict which exonerated Israel for any responsibility for the 2003 killing of their daughter.

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