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Israel tech site paying “interns” to covertly plant stories in social media

Israel21c is hiring students to covertly spread its stories about Israeli technology on the Internet: “present yourself as though you’re an authority.”

Video: students "mic check" TIAA-CREF head over investment in Israel's occupation

Activists at Cornell University called on pension fund giant to divest from occupation-profiteering companies.

New York tech university evasive about Israeli partner's role in arms industry

Terri Ginsberg
New York City
9 September 2013
Children gather on rubble of building hit in Israeli air strike

Cornell NYC Tech will not address questions about Haifa institute which develops technology used by Israeli army against Palestinian civilians.

Why is a New York hospital being sacrificed for an Israel-backed science facility?

Terri Ginsberg
26 October 2012

Plans for massive science campus linking an Israeli and American university in New York City moving forward, despite opposition.

US university chiefs' shameful embrace of Israel

Terri Ginsberg
New York
16 July 2012
The underlying objectives to schemes inviting US university officials on a tour of Israel are to dissimulate legitimate criticism of Israeli policy and to discourage Palestinian solidarity on campuses.

Palestinian boycott campaign: End Cornell's collaboration with Technion

The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel issued a strong statement of condemnation against the partnership between Cornell University and the Technion, who are building a multi-billion-dollar science and technology campus in New York City.

BDS roundup: South Africa to consider Israel boycott; defending academic freedom; and more

A regular roundup of news and actions from the global boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement. Canadian radio broadcasters urge a Vancouver station to adopt a BDS resolution, boycott campaigners urge Cat Power to cancel her upcoming Tel Aviv performance, and more.

Putting the spotlight on London university's links to Israel's war machine

Hilary Aked
8 February 2012
Students at the London School of Economics protest the university’s ties to the Technion — Israel’s Institute of Technology — which has inextricable links to Israel’s weapons industry.

BDS roundup: a new year, and new boycott campaigns ahead

US boycott campaigners encourage colleagues to refuse complicity with Cornell University’s partnership with Israel’s Technion Institute, Veolia loses yet another contract in London, dozens of musicians refused to perform in Israel in 2011 while the cultural boycott campaign gears up for a new year, and more.
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