Conservative Friends of Israel

British politicians mull censorship of anti-Israel comments

“All-party” inquiry at Westminister relies heavily on group that conflates anti-Semitism and criticism of Israel.

Love Israel? If you're a British MP, join the queue

Labor leader Ed Miliband’s recent declaration of support for Zionism follows a familiar pattern among the British ruling elite.

Zionists smear Amnesty over "cocktail" joke

The Community Security Trust has accused the leading human rights organization of anti-Semitism over a harmless tweet.

UK's Jewish Chronicle propagates anti-Semitic slander to rally support for Israel's Gaza war crimes

A pro-Israel newspaper promoted anti-Semitic slander on their website Friday. The story’s headline claimed “Unanimous UK Jewish community support for Israel” for its current attack on Gaza.

As Israel haemorrhages British political support, its supporters watch impotently

Speaking to Israeli TV earlier this month British ambassador Matthew Gould said Israel was increasingly losing support among middle-ground politicians in the UK because of its aggressive settlement policies. His comments confirm other indications of increased mainstream support for Palestine in the political mainstream, as I showed in a feature for EI last month.

Complaint filed over secret donors to "friends of Israel"

Electoral Commission in UK asked to investigate omissions in financial information for influential Zionist groups.

"Bickering" Britain accommodates Israeli settlements

Despite rumors of tension, the UK and other EU countries have agreed that Israel may “own” the West Bank.

Is UK "friends of Israel" group breaking law on political funding?

Labor Friends of Israel refuse to disclose where they get their money.

Israel pays for junket by British MPs

Register of interest shows Conservatives accept free trip from Israel’s foreign ministry.

Arms industry promoter latest recruit for UK Israel lobby

Luke Akehurst won awards for representing weapons makers; now he’s joining top Zionist outfit.


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