collective punishment

Taking direct action against Israel's racist marriage law

Patrick O. Strickland
17 December 2013

Love in a Time of Apartheid challenges the deliberate divisions to which Palestinians are subjected by Israel’s racist citizenship rules.

Gaza's only exit to outside world is closed — again

Why do we have to suffer for what is happening in neighboring countries?

Weddady's Free Arabs, American Islamic Congress and the pro-Israel funders who helped them rise

Max Blumenthal
New York City
7 May 2013

A group that rose with US government and Israel lobby funding during the early stages of the Iraq war incubated the controversial new website “Free Arabs.”

Hundreds of Gaza children blocked from visiting parents in prison

Joe Catron
Gaza City
9 April 2013

Almost a year after winning concessions from Israel, prisoners are still not allowed to see their offspring.

Israel's starvation diet for Gaza

Jonathan Cook
24 October 2012

Recently released documents reveal that Israel deliberately allowed much less food than was previously thought to have been imported into Gaza.

New film explains the basics to achieving justice in Palestine

Asa Winstanley
18 October 2012

Filmmaker Sami Moukaddem demonstrates that the Palestinian situation isn’t complex in his debut documentary.

Canadians stand in solidarity with Gaza's besieged farmers, fishermen

Eva Bartlett
Gaza City
1 October 2012
Stephen Harper’s complicity in Israel’s crimes is denounced by his compatriots.

Israeli forces put knife to throat of father of teen who confessed to settlement killings

The West Bank village of Awarta has been subject to siege for 18 months after the murders of a family in a nearby settlement, even though the killers have been arrested and confessed to the crime.

Stuck in limbo between Egypt and Gaza

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
6 September 2012
The Electronic Intifada contributor Rami Almeghari on playing the Palestinian waiting game in Cairo.

Israel's threat to cut Gaza water supply would be "complete catastrophe"

Eva Bartlett
Gaza City
9 December 2011
On 26 November, Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon threatened to cut Israeli electricity, water and ties to Gaza’s infrastructure serving the 1.6 million residents of the Gaza Strip.


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