Amnesty: pattern of Israeli "war crimes" in West Bank

A new Amnesty International report finds that Israeli occupation forces killed more Palestinians in the West Bank in 2013 than during the previous two years combined.

Children burned with cigarettes by Israeli soldiers in illegal settlement

In three separate incidents, Palestinian youths were arrested, detained and tortured by Israeli forces in September, a new report alleges.

Children killed by Israeli soldiers “hiding” near schools, says Human Rights Watch

At least twice in 2013, Israeli occupation forces ambushed, shot and killed Palestinian children near schools in the occupied West Bank for no apparent reason.

Israel put Palestinian children in outdoor cages during winter storm

Prisoners were held in outdoor cages in freezing cold and rain, part of systematic abuses by Israel documented in recent reports.

Kite-flying film shows Gaza's kids grow old too soon

Sarah Irving
10 December 2013

Youngsters featured in Flying Paper describe how bombs and shells sound to them.

Israeli forces raid home to arrest 4-year-old, dad says

“I told the officer, ‘you want to arrest him; should I send milk and diapers with him?”

Video: As siege stops pumps, Gaza children wade to school in sewage

This is no “natural” disaster. It is the result of the sewer-like politics of the region, where Israel and Egypt collude, with US and EU complicity, to tighten the Gaza siege.

Late artist inspires new film on Palestinian children's dreams

Sarah Irving
6 November 2013

Hassan Hourani left behind a book of children’s stories when he drowned ten years ago.

Six-year-old loses eye from bullets Israel promised to phase out

Dylan Collins and
Patrick O. Strickland
7 October 2013

Mousab Sarahnin’s family were shot at a moment after leaving a bus.


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