child malnutrition

Israel's starvation diet for Gaza

Jonathan Cook
24 October 2012

Recently released documents reveal that Israel deliberately allowed much less food than was previously thought to have been imported into Gaza.

Amid growing poverty, payment card provides dignity, nutrition for some Gaza families

Rami Almeghari
Gaza City
19 June 2012
A new aid program intends to help 5,000 families purchase nutritious food in the besieged Gaza Strip.

As Gaza siege enters sixth year, harm will be felt for years to come

Reports by international agencies on the impact of five years of siege paint a grim picture showing how Israel’s blockade is de-developing the Gaza Strip.

Food shortages make Gaza residents rely on aid at Eid

Gaza City
9 November 2011
International aid organizations donate fresh meat, clothing, and assistance to thousands of families in the Gaza Strip for the Eid holiday, as child malnutrition and deep poverty levels rise due to Israel’s strict blockade.
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