Jerusalem students face constant harassment by Israeli forces

Patrick O. Strickland
Abu Dis
25 March 2014

Attaining the goals of higher education is impossible when universities are under attack.

“This is apartheid”: rapper Jasiri X on visit to Palestine

Amira Asad
10 February 2014

Harassment of Palestinians resembles “stop-and-frisk” policies targeted towards African Americans.

Angela Davis: "support BDS, and Palestine will be free"

Davis urges a boycott against transnational security corporation G4S for its role in the global prison industrial complex, from Palestine to the US.

Dutch union dumps G4S for aiding Israel's human rights abuses

Greens have also decided to sever ties with private security firm.

Second Norwegian university drops G4S over support for Israeli apartheid

Bergen college ruled that hiring G4S would cause severe damage to its reputation.

We'll never forget October 1956 massacre, say Palestinians in Israel

Patrick O. Strickland
Kafr Qassem
29 October 2013

Most of the remaining survivors in Kafr Qassem remain too scared to speak publicly.

Norwegian union ends G4S contract as "act of solidarity" with Palestinians

In a bad week for G4S, a major teachers association in London has also passed a motion condemning the firm for equipping Israeli prisons.

Palestinians denied a voice in Canadian film set in West Bank

Jimmy Johnson
23 September 2013

Inch’allah focuses mainly on experiences of a young white doctor.

Israeli occupation leaves psychological not just physical scars

Alia Al Ghussain
11 September 2013

We need to focus more on the psychological war that Israel is waging.

In photos: Palestinian resilience at Israeli checkpoints and walls

Oren Ziv
27 August 2013

Black and white photo series by Oren Ziv shows the lengths to which Palestinians in the West Bank must go to enjoy a holiday at the beach.


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