"Raise the flags for freedom," says rapper Sacramento Knoxx

Video from Detroit MC supports campaign to boycott Israel.

Watch: Short film “Gazonto” by John Greyson imagines Toronto bombed like Gaza

The video uses the device of a simulated video game to show how the horrifying effects of Israeli violence against Palestinians are rendered distant or invisible while the violence itself is celebrated.

Canada's tax-deductible support for Israel's crimes

Yves Engler
22 August 2014

The attacks on Gaza have led to a flood of inquiries about how Canadians can assist Israel’s military, according to one Zionist group.

Endorsing boycott, south Asian diaspora network condemns Israel

In Canada, the South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy pass a resolution this weekend demanding an end to Israeli attacks and the Gaza blockade.

Violent threats made against Canadian exhibition on oppression of Palestine and First Nations

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
3 June 2014

Churches who helped take aboriginal children away from their parents proved reluctant to cooperate with the Victoria show.

The New York Times agrees to be gagged by Israel

Following criticism by The Electronic Intifada of how it handled Majd Kayyal’s case, The New York Times is forced to review its policies on observing Israeli gag orders censoring.

Michigan Daily endorses Palestine students' divestment effort

Students at McMaster University win big majority for divestment despite walk-out by opponents. Loyola student government president, supported by off-campus Israeli lobby groups, vetoes divestment resolution

University of Windsor faces donor threats, Islamophobic backlash after BDS vote

A donor – who specifically blamed “Muslim” students for the vote – is threatening to withdraw funding from the university and to stop hiring its graduates.

Keep on rockin' for freedom, Neil Young, cancel your Tel Aviv show

Robert Lovelace and
Suzanne Weiss
13 March 2014

The veteran rock star should demonstrate the same kind of solidarity to Palestinians that he has shown to Canada’s indigenous people.

Zionism is part of Canada's political fabric

Yves Engler
7 January 2014

Stephen Harper’s embrace of the Jewish National Fund is in keeping with the support for Israel voiced by his predecessors.


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