Are climate change deniers funding attack on Palestine activism?

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
26 March 2015

Charles and David Koch may be bankrolling a backlash against efforts to boycott Israel.

Revealed: pro-Israel students plot "smear campaigns" to "attack BDS"

Leaked screenshots from a private StandWithUs UK Facebook group show student supporters of Israel want to “attack BDS.” 

Israeli gunman arrested in videotaped murder of Palestinian teen

The Nakba Day killings of Nadim Siam Nuwara, 17, and Muhammad Abu al-Thahir, 16, were caught in graphic security camera footage.

Anti-Palestinian group CAMERA hails nonexistent New York Times correction

Times should have defended accuracy of reporter’s article. Instead, it pandered to a notorious anti-Palestinian hate group.

Zionists try to close down Palestine solidarity group at Philadelphia university

Nora Barrows-Friedman
9 September 2014

Israel supporter who provoked a minor altercation on campus had been trained on how to confront boycott campaigners.

How a fishing reporter became a leading figure in the Islamophobia industry

Dexter Van Zile from pro-Israel group CAMERA has impressed top figures in the pro-Israel lobby with his bigoted screeds.

Top players in Islamophobia industry paid over $150,000 per year

Thirty-seven laws hostile to Islam have been introduced across the US so far this year.

“The old will die and the young will forget” - Did Ben-Gurion say it?

Research by The Electronic Intifada has shown that an infamous quotation about Palestinian refugees has been misattributed to Israel’s first prime minister.

Ilan Pappé and CAMERA: how Zionists are fighting history

What happens with Israeli media watchdog group CAMERA tries to rewrite history and go after Ilan Pappé.

NGO Monitor uses fake Martin Luther King Jr. quote in latest "anti-Semite" smear

Extreme anti-Palestinian group NGO Monitor is disrespecting the late US Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King Jr. and perpetrating a fraud by disseminating a fake quote in an attempt to smear people as anti-Semites.


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