Brand Israel

Why is Texas festival SXSW hosting a "happy hour" for Israel?

Texas-based artists are campaigning against the SXSW’s inclusion of events sponsored by the Israeli government. 

“You inspire me,” Alicia Keys tells singer who fundraises for Israeli army

Alicia Keys (center) posing with Idan Raichel (left) and Ali Paris aka Ali Amr (right)  PHOTO: Alicia Keys on Facebook
Why is an artist who just declared her commitment to social justice so closely tied to Idan Raichel, an advocate of the Israeli army who endorses torture?

University of Cincinnati pays for president's propaganda junket to Israel

Ono has been celebrated for his bold use of social media, which in this case provides valuable insights into how Israel activists court US elites.

BDS Roundup: University of Sydney student council passes academic boycott resolution

University of Sydney’s student representative council passes academic boycott resolution to cut ties with Israel’s Technion, citing complicity in violations against Palestinian rights.

"Cool" Tel Aviv proudly boasts of citizens' role in brutal Israeli occupation army

Tel Aviv sells itself as a “cool” to counter international boycotts, but boasts of its role in occupation army at home.

BDS roundup: Members of United Church of Canada affirm resolution to boycott Israeli settlement products

Members of the United Church of Canada affirm a resolution to boycott Israeli settlement products; Red Hot Chili Peppers still slated to perform in Israel despite sustained international outcry; and much more!

BDS roundup: Protesters demand TIAA-CREF drop investments in companies profiting from Israel's occupation

Protesters in three US cities demand TIAA-CREF drop investments from companies profiting from Israel’s violations of international law; Jazz musicians urged to cancel gig at Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat; and more!

"Brand Israel" dance company's US tour dogged by protests

Batsheva Dance Company, identified by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs as “the best known global ambassador of Israeli culture,” has faced protests throughout its ongoing US tour.

"Educate through action": poet Remi Kanazi on triumphant UK tour

Asa Winstanley
26 December 2011
Poet and activist Remi Kanazi talks about his recent UK tour, the successes of the global boycott movement, and why artists must act beyond mere entertainment.

Pinkwashing and the Israeli ads that wipe Palestine off the map

Two of the UK’s bestselling lifestyle magazines aimed at gay men have published the controversial Israeli advert that wipes Palestine and Syria off the map. Last Sunday I wrote about the “Think Israel” advertising campaign underway here in the UK. The Guardian received hundred of complaints after running a glossy advert that included a map in which the occupied Palestinian and Syrian territories appear annexed to Israel. But it has now emerged that Attitude and Gay Times have both published the same advert (December and January issues respectively). Below are scans of all four pages of the ad as it appeared in Attitude, as a fold-out inside the front cover.


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