Boston Marathon bombing

Why is Boston college honoring top Israel lobbyist Abe Foxman?

Charlotte Silver
7 May 2014
Photo shows Abe Foxman at ADL podium

Students at Suffolk University have launched a campaign to “disinvite” the ADL chief.

Why isn’t the government calling the LAX shooting “terrorism?”

There is a pattern: acts of spectacular violence, predominantly by white men, are rarely termed “terrorist” even when all the evidence points in that direction.

Weddady's Free Arabs, American Islamic Congress and the pro-Israel funders who helped them rise

Max Blumenthal
New York City
7 May 2013
Man wearing blue robe looks at his phone in a radio station suite

A group that rose with US government and Israel lobby funding during the early stages of the Iraq war incubated the controversial new website “Free Arabs.”

Israeli PM’s advisor “bullish” Israel will benefit from Boston bombing - just like Netanyahu after 9/11

Comments reveal cynical and calculated Israeli government assessment of how to exploit an American tragedy for nakedly political purposes.

Obama’s rush to judgment: Was the Boston bombing really a “terrorist” act?

Why are some acts of mass violence against civilians labeled “terrorism” and others not?

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