Board of Deputies of British Jews

UK High Court backs shutdown of Israel conference

Judge backs University of Southampton decision to “withdraw permission” to hold conference on legality of state of Israel this weekend.

Did Israel lobby "bullying and threats" push Univ. of Southampton to cancel conference?

Organizers of an academic conference on Israel are proceeding with an urgent legal challenge after the UK’s University of Southampton today confirmed that it has canceled the event.

Univ. of Southampton cancels conference after government, Israel lobby pressure

Emergency legal action planned after UK university cancels conference on Israel citing “health and safety.”

Jewish activists kicked out of "We Believe in Israel" conference

Three Jewish campaigners were “escorted out” of the UK’s major pro-Israel conference that focused on strategies for combatting BDS.

Israel lobby, UK officials attempt to shut down Univ. of Southampton conference

Pro-Israel lobby groups have been using Islamophobic themes and casting aspersions of anti-Semitism to smear organizers and speakers of Palestine-focused conference.

UK activists shut factory, demand Israel arms embargo

A direct action group has shut down an Israeli subsidiary, saying they intend to stay there as long as possible.

Is the BBC trying to shore up support for Israel's assault on Gaza?

Broadcaster floods its programs with Israeli spokespeople and Zionists presented as “impartial” analysts.

BBC admits wrongdoing in presenting pro-Israeli commentator as neutral expert

For nearly a year, the BBC continued to defend the fact that it had withheld vital information about one of its commentators from its news audience. Finally, the BBC made a public admission that it had been wrong.

Love Israel? If you're a British MP, join the queue

Labor leader Ed Miliband’s recent declaration of support for Zionism follows a familiar pattern among the British ruling elite.

Revealed: UK anti-Semitism watchdog charity helps lead Israel anti-boycott group

The Community Security Trust claims to be a an apolitical charity that only combats anti-semitism, but once again its anti-Palestinian agenda has come to light.


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