Protestors block and delay Israeli ships up and down US West Coast

Activists delay Israeli cargo ships from offloading in three major ports on the West Coast and say this is only the beginning.

Gaza health ministry declares state of emergency

14 July 2014

Frustrated aid workers stranded at border as Egypt keeps Gaza crossing closed.

International court should rule on Israeli “apartheid,” says UN official

Richard Falk’s report puts forward ample evidence that Israel commits the crime of apartheid against Palestinians.

Gaza fishermen suffer 85 percent income loss as Israeli siege, attacks continue

Joe Catron
Gaza City
29 December 2013

Israel navy has killed 2 Gaza fishermen, wounded 24, captured 147 and taken or damaged more than 150 boats since 2009.

Storm exacerbates sewage crisis in Gaza

Gaza Strip
20 December 2013

Health and environmental fears rise as authorities face numerous problems at once.

Power cuts force Gaza's youth to study in dark

Gaza Strip
15 November 2013

The Gaza Strip has no electricity for around half of each day.

90 percent of Gaza's water unfit for drinking, says Falk

The UN’s special rapporteur sounds the alarm over Palestinian water scarcity.

Egypt attacks fishermen in Gaza's waters

Gaza Strip
4 October 2013

Egypt’s clamp-down on tunnels has brought some Palestinian businesses to a standstill.

Gaza's construction sector still crushed by siege

Rami Almeghari
Gaza City
26 September 2013

Israel wants to “beautify” the image of its ongoing blockade against Gaza by letting in some construction materials.

Gaza fishermen protest as Israel breaks pledge to stop attacks

Joe Catron
Gaza City
5 March 2013

Nine boats have been captured by Israel since the ceasefire agreement in November.


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