Birthright Israel

How Alan Dershowitz bullied rape victims to protect a serial child molester

Media coverage of Jeffrey Epstein has been particularly derelict in noting the pivotal role prominent Israel advocate Alan Dershowitz played in shielding a child rapist and possibly himself from accountability.

Palestinian students in Chicago punished by university after trying to register for "Birthright" trip

Meanwhile, the Zionist Hillel group was given a light slap on the wrist for violating the same administrative rule.

Chicago university latest to investigate students over Palestine activism

After initial suspension was lifted, Palestinian students at Loyola are under scrutiny for their “civil” challenge of discriminatory Birthright program.

Feeling the hate at an American festival for Israel

Palestine solidarity activists faced down a storm of bigotry and harassment from Zionists at the annual Israel Street Festival in Northern Virginia.

California university chief admits failure to curb divestment campaigns

University of California’s President Mark Yudof sees Palestine solidarity activism on campuses as a “problem.”

As Jews we say "Birthright" trips must end

Aviva Stahl,
Sarah Woolf and
Sam Elliott Bick
29 April 2013
Elderly woman sits in refugee camp

Jews must renounce Birthright because we have no right to apartheid and colonialism.

Why Taglit-Birthright doesn't deserve hip-hop

The organization dedicated to indoctrinating young Jews with chauvinistic Zionism is now planning “hip-hop trips.” It’s a travesty.

Watch: “There was no Palestinian people,” big donor to Birthright Israel tells Max Blumenthal

A more or less open, but often unspoken goal of Birthright Israel, is to encourage young Jews to marry and increase the Jewish birthrate.

US university chiefs' shameful embrace of Israel

Terri Ginsberg
New York
16 July 2012
The underlying objectives to schemes inviting US university officials on a tour of Israel are to dissimulate legitimate criticism of Israeli policy and to discourage Palestinian solidarity on campuses.

Video: Students organize mass walk-out targeting Israel's token Arab spokesperson

Students at the University of Michigan have done it again — a year after the silent mass walk-out from a propaganda event on campus featuring an Israeli soldier, setting an example followed by students at several other campuses, students organized another mass walk-out from a hasbara lecture by the Israeli government’s token Arab spokesperson, Ishmael Khaldi.


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