Bill Clinton

Naftali Bennett and the Qana massacre

What role did rising star of Israeli politics Naftali Bennett play in the 1996 massacre of more than 100 people at the UN base in Qana, Lebanon?

New book reveals top-secret collusion between Israel, US during twenty years of “peace talks”

Rod Such
29 August 2014

The author effectively dismisses the Palestinian right of return as a fundamental human right central to their struggle and to a just peace.

Why does US treat ex-prisoners from Ireland and Palestine differently?

Bill Chambers
12 November 2013

Rasmea Yousef Odeh has been targeted because she is an effective Arab community leader in Chicago.

Twenty years on, Palestinians refuse to be defeated by Oslo

The Oslo accords tried to bury the Palestinian cause, and dealt it severe setbacks. But twenty years later, a new generation of Palestinians are reclaiming their struggle.

Bono love-bombs mass murderer Shimon Peres

In declaring Israeli president a “gift to the world,” the singer omitted a few salient facts.

US sued over "terrorist" designation that has robbed Palestinian American of basic rights for 17 years

A lawsuit filed yesterday challenges the 1995 classification of Palestinian American Muhammad Salah as a “specially designated terrorist.”

Appeal denied in Holy Land Five case

After oral arguments for an appeal began several months ago, the Fifth Circuit Court decides to uphold the convictions of Muslim charity workers under the auspices of the draconian Patriot Act and invoking its “material support” clause to criminalize humanitarian aid to Palestinians under Israeli occupation.
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