Former Israel lobby spin doctor aims for seat in UK parliament

Campaigning to be a Labour party candidate for the next election, Ruth Smeeth promotes her credentials as a “proud anti-fascist,” but buries her history with Israel lobby BICOM.

Is Israel lobby UK quitting battle for public opinion?

The Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre now focuses mainly on influencing elites.

Why does the BBC plead ignorance on Palestine?

Senior BBC editors and presenters make some startling admissions when questioned on why they pander to Israel.

BBC airs Israeli "Independence Day" propaganda presented as documentary

BBC’s recent behavior has left it with no defense against claims of pro-Israel bias.

Israel steps up SodaStream marketing in attempt to greenwash Israeli settlement crimes

The Israeli government’s use of SodaStream to greenwash the occupation may have fooled politicians and mainstream journalists, but activists aren’t duped so easily.

UK-based Israel lobby group whitewashes war crimes to protect two-state solution

UK Israel lobby group BICOM ignores illegality of settlements as they try to defend the existence of a Jewish state in a two-state solution framework.

Israel lobby boasts of role blocking presentation by Veolia opponents in London's Hackney Council

Palestinian rights organizations and British charity War on Want urge NLWA to shun Veolia for its complicity in Israel’s violations of international law.

UK's Jewish Chronicle propagates anti-Semitic slander to rally support for Israel's Gaza war crimes

A pro-Israel newspaper promoted anti-Semitic slander on their website Friday. The story’s headline claimed “Unanimous UK Jewish community support for Israel” for its current attack on Gaza.

Head of UK Israel lobby initiative: BDS designed to "distress" Jews

The head of a UK Israel lobby group describes the Palestinian BDS campaign as “designed” to “distress…the Jewish community.”

As Israel haemorrhages British political support, its supporters watch impotently

Speaking to Israeli TV earlier this month British ambassador Matthew Gould said Israel was increasingly losing support among middle-ground politicians in the UK because of its aggressive settlement policies. His comments confirm other indications of increased mainstream support for Palestine in the political mainstream, as I showed in a feature for EI last month.


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