"Open Bethlehem" film documents fight against wall, settlements

Palestinian filmmaker Leila Sansour calls attention to her city’s encirclement.

Israeli army confiscates $3.5 million worth of Palestinian property

Army seized jewelry, cash, electronics and cars from families, hospitals and universities.

Parents of Palestinian boys ask Pope to watch video of their sons' killings

The parents of two Palestinian boys who were shot dead in cold blood have called on Pope Francis to speak out against the killings of their sons and the systematic violence Palestinians face under Israeli occupation.

Israeli forces destroy 1,500 fruit trees near Bethlehem

Land owned by Nassar family has long been targeted by occupation forces.

Translating Palestine's poetry into Scotland's tongues

Arabic and Shetlandic have similarly earthy qualities.

In Bethlehem raid, "Israel and the Palestinian Authority are together"

Dan Cohen
22 April 2014

Seamless coordination was obvious during recent assault on occupied West Bank city.

In photos: al-Walaja village faces “slow death” as Israel takes its land

Anne Paq
24 March 2014

The construction of the wall, which began in 2007 in spite of an ongoing legal battle and protests, constitutes the latest chapter of the ongoing history of dispossession of al-Walaja.

I risked imprisonment by Israel and death to study in the United States

Murad Owda
20 February 2014

“What about my academic freedom? What about the tens of thousands of Palestinian children and teachers whose movement to and from their schools is impeded by the Israeli military?”

“Just a Child” shows how prison leaves mental scars on Palestinian boy

Daryl Meador
20 January 2014

Raghad was rearrested after he turned 15.

Did Israeli apartheid wall really stop suicide bombings?

Even Israelis admit that “Palestinians’ choice,” not apartheid wall, ended suicide attacks on Israelis.


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