In Bethlehem raid, "Israel and the Palestinian Authority are together"

Dan Cohen
22 April 2014

Seamless coordination was obvious during recent assault on occupied West Bank city.

In photos: al-Walaja village faces “slow death” as Israel takes its land

Anne Paq
24 March 2014

The construction of the wall, which began in 2007 in spite of an ongoing legal battle and protests, constitutes the latest chapter of the ongoing history of dispossession of al-Walaja.

I risked imprisonment by Israel and death to study in the United States

Murad Owda
20 February 2014

“What about my academic freedom? What about the tens of thousands of Palestinian children and teachers whose movement to and from their schools is impeded by the Israeli military?”

“Just a Child” shows how prison leaves mental scars on Palestinian boy

Daryl Meador
20 January 2014

Raghad was rearrested after he turned 15.

Did Israeli apartheid wall really stop suicide bombings?

Even Israelis admit that “Palestinians’ choice,” not apartheid wall, ended suicide attacks on Israelis.

London church blocks its facade with replica of Israeli wall around Bethlehem

“This Christmas we’ve built a huge wall across the front of our church. We’d really like you to come and see it because its what the people of Bethlehem are experiencing today.”

Palestinian Authority minister flees criticism at boycott conference

Jawad Naji’s thugs later beat up a Palestinian boycott activist who publically denounced Mahmoud Abbas.

Hunger strike marks "turning point" in fight against Israel's deportations, says rights group

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
25 April 2013

Samer Issawi has won a pledge to be allowed return to Jerusalem, after refusing Israel’s offers of exile.

Dheisheh camp "university" questions what it means to be a refugee

Daryl Meador
Dheisheh refugee camp
26 March 2013

Campus on Campus participant believes refugee camps should be seen as “homelands.”

G4S equips the apartheid wall, Israel confirms

Eight years after it was declared illegal by the International Court of Justice, Israel’s wall in the West Bank is still being serviced by a British-Danish firm.


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