BDS South Africa

Boycotting Israel more urgent than in case of South Africa, says anti-apartheid veteran

Farid Esack describes attempts to ban him from French universities as a “huge tactical blunder.”

Palestinian resistance icon Leila Khaled to tour South Africa

Zionist lobby groups oppose visit by veteran revolutionary.

South Africa retailer Woolworths takes Israel boycotters to court

The South African retail giant Woolworths threatening BDS South Africa with legal action if it does not stop protests against Israeli goods at its stores.

Israel's Gaza massacre boosts boycott calls in South Africa

South African politician joins growing calls for the Israeli ambassador to be expelled from the country, and for the South African ambassador to be recalled from Tel Aviv.

Under pressure, PLO tries to limit damage from Abbas attack on Israel boycott

Today’s statement should be seen as a sign that the PA understands that it cannot impose its unpopular views on Palestinian civil society.

Boycott activists celebrate as Ahava quits South Africa

BDS South Africa campaign claims victory, as settlement-based company Ahava quietly withdraws from the country.

In South Africa, Abbas opposes boycott of Israel

Abbas has made his clearest statement in opposition to BDS and South Africa rabbi who spoke at Mandela memorial lived in an Israeli settlement.

South Africa further limits ties with Israel

“The struggle of the people of Palestine is our struggle,” South Africa’s minister of international relations says.

BDS South Africa condemns anti-Jewish song

“Given our history of work against racism, including anti-Semitism, we unequivocally distance ourselves from the singing of this song and its sentiments.”

Recordings suggest racial profiling by sponsors of Israeli musician in South Africa

Students called for the university to cancel the Israeli group’s concert for violating the call for boycott and due to “irrefutable evidence provided of ethnic racism and racial profiling associated with the event.”


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