Bashar al-Assad

Poetic short film highlights Palestinian plight in Yarmouk

Filmmaker Thaer al-Sahli documents personal aftermath of airstrikes on refugee camp


The destructive legacy of Arab liberals

Joseph Massad
30 March 2015

Arab liberalism allied itself with US and Israel to impoverish and destroy whole countries.

Five Pillars of Islam inspire humanitarian message in new bilingual poetry collection

Sarah Irving
1 May 2013

Iyad Hayatleh, a Palestinian poet raised in Damascus and now living in Britain, teamed up with Scottish literary figure Tessa Ransford.

Bibi lauds "prophet of peace" as Christian Zionists lust for war

Senator Joe Lieberman’s demands for war against Iran delight the Christians United for Israel conference.

Uncertain fate for Palestinians in Syria

Anaheed Al-Hardan
12 July 2012
In the worst-case scenario, the fate of the Palestinians in Syria could echo some facets of the fate of the approximately 30,000 Palestinian refugees from Iraq following the US occupation of that country.

Syria intervention prelude to war on Iran?

Jonathan Cook
29 June 2012
For Washington, the Arab Spring presented opportunities as well as threats, and these are being keenly exploited.

How the 99 percent are cannon fodder for America's wars

Reflections on the Occupy movement in Ohio and America’s double standards in the Middle East.

Pointing to Syria to divert attention from Israel's crimes

Jamil Sbitan
20 April 2012
The Israeli government and its supporters now feel justified in exploiting the Syrian people’s suffering and resistance in order to further their own political agenda, depicting Israel as a “vibrant democracy” in comparison to Syria.
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