Barack Obama

Evaluating Abraham Foxman

No evaluation of Abe Foxman’s legacy is complete without mention of the harm he committed to Jews and other minorities.

Obama: Who had hopes to shatter?

Rod Such
6 January 2014

Josh Ruebner’s book exposes the Obama administration’s Palestine policies.

Former envoy George Mitchell shills for Israeli occupation profiteer SodaStream

Why is former US peace envoy George Mitchell promoting SodaStream which is based in an illegal Israeli settlement and abuses Palestinian rights?

Why isn’t the government calling the LAX shooting “terrorism?”

There is a pattern: acts of spectacular violence, predominantly by white men, are rarely termed “terrorist” even when all the evidence points in that direction.

Rabbi patrols Israeli town to drive away Africans: video

Israeli rabbi proud to have shut down church, community center that served Africans.

Beware of "politicians and their lies," says Palestinian author

Gaza-born Abdel Bari Atwan is best known for interviewing Osama bin Laden.

Bono love-bombs mass murderer Shimon Peres

In declaring Israeli president a “gift to the world,” the singer omitted a few salient facts.

The crocodile tears of Samantha Power

America’s new ambassador to the UN only condemns human rights abuses when it’s politically expedient to do so.

How Amnesty has let down Bradley Manning

There is nothing complex about Bradley Manning’s case, so why is the world’s best known human rights group not demanding his release?

Investigate Israel's killing of US teen, rights group tells Obama

Barack Obama has maintained silence over Israel’s 2009 killing of Furkan Doğan on the Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara.


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