Ayman Sharawna

Hunger strike marks "turning point" in fight against Israel's deportations, says rights group

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
25 April 2013

Samer Issawi has won a pledge to be allowed return to Jerusalem, after refusing Israel’s offers of exile.

Podcast: Maath Musleh on Israel's plans to sever Jerusalem villages from one other

Maath Musleh on Israel’s house demolition, eviction and land confiscation policies in occupied East Jerusalem. Also, Rami Almeghari files a report from Gaza.

Israel “tried to banish me for 28 years,” says hunger striker Ayman Sharawna

Joe Catron
Gaza City
25 March 2013

During the last month of his protest, Sharawna’s captors only allowed him use the bathroom twice a day.

Exile in Gaza is not the victory we want for our heroic prisoners

While Ayman Sharawna was forcibly deported to Gaza for ten years in exchange for his release, Samer Issawi issues a statement on deportation showing his refusal of this policy under any circumstances.

Podcast: Hundreds protest outside Israeli jail in solidarity with hunger striking prisoners

Palestinians launch protests across the West Bank demanding the release of political prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails.

BBC's cruel excuses for ignoring Palestinian hunger strikes

Amena Saleem
10 January 2013

The BBC cites bizarre criteria in defense of its refusal to cover protests in Israeli jails.

Podcast: Sodastream "part of the occupation," says UK-based boycott activist Tony Greenstein

Activist, blogger and BDS organizer Tony Greenstein in Brighton, UK, discusses the Sodastream boycott and the growing BDS movement.

"Keep your head high:" a comrade's greeting to Samer Issawi

Act now to save our brave hunger striker’s life.

Israel "will never undermine our steadfastness": hunger strikers speak out from prison

Woman holds a cake, surrounded by posters of prisoner
Israel arrests sister of hunger striker as rights group warns of prisoners’ deteriorating health.

Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike "until freedom or death"

Nour Joudah
11 December 2012

Palestinian political prisoners were put back on the agenda in 2012.


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