Avigdor Lieberman

After snipers kill children, US affirms “deep respect” for “Israeli army’s moral code”

Israeli television has shown the live bullet recovered from the body of Nadim Nuwara, one of the teens who’s cold-blooded killings was caught on video.

Palestinian Christians “not really Arabs,” says senior Israeli lawmaker

Netanyahu ally’s proposal for Palestinians resembles South Africa’s separation of “Coloreds” and “Indians.”

EU rekindles love affair with Livni as row over aiding settlers ends

Israeli arms-makers will still be able to benefit from EU science grants.

Americans give $274 million to aid Israeli settlements - new report

Christians United For Israel is among the key donors to Israel’s right-wing groups.

Israel mulls new strategy on muzzling its critics

Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism will discuss how Israel can step up its attacks on Palestine solidarity activists.

Meet Israel's new government: a justice minister against law, a housing minister who led settlers

With details of Israel’s new coalition government finalized, a look at some of the ministers in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s cabinet.

Palestinian citizens wearily eye Israeli elections

Jonathan Cook
18 January 2013

The government formed after next week’s election could be even more racist towards Palestinians than the current one.

Six of one, half-a-dozen of the other: Israel's elections are a sham

It was recently announced that new Israeli elections will take place in 2013. But on the issues that matter, there are no real differences between the Zionist parties.

European Parliament must reject new trade deal with Israel

Annette Groth and
Tanja Tabbara
11 October 2012
Human rights are supposed to be at the core of all the EU’s activities. Why, then, is it boosting economic cooperation with Israel?

The Electronic Intifada Weekly Podcast featuring Shahd Abusalama on the end of Akram Rikhawi's hunger strike

On this week’s podcast: Shahd Abusalama talks about her meeting with Akram Rikhawi’s family, right before he ended his 102-day hunger strike in an Israeli prison; and much more!


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