attacks on journalists

Video shows Israeli shelling of Shujaiya that killed Gaza journalist

On Wednesday, Israeli forces shelled the Shujaiya neighborhood of eastern Gaza City, killing 17 people at a market where people had gone to shop during what they thought would be a four-hour “humanitarian truce.”

Israel killing, intimidating journalists amid Gaza communication blackout

Journalist Yousef al-Helou says Gaza media workers are “more determined” after losing family members and their houses.

Video: Journalists “savagely” beaten by Palestinian Authority forces

US-backed Palestinian Authority police attacked journalists and confiscated their cameras as they rallied against violations of press freedoms.

Israeli secret police holding journalist in cell with no bed or window

Despite the lifting of the gag order and the ban on meeting with lawyers, Kayyal has been ordered held until 22 April. Adalah has said it will file an appeal to seek his immediate release.

Israel court lifts gag order on Shin Bet detention of journalist Majd Kayyal

Kayyal is held under suspicion of “unlawful travel to an Arab country” and “contact with a foreign agent,” accusations Israel habitually uses to harass Palestinian citizens.

Israel's incommunicado detention of journalist raised at State Department briefing

Under the terms of Israel’s draconian censorship, Israeli media are not even allowed to report the exchange that happened at the State Department regarding the detention of Majd Kayyal.

Israel places journalist in incommunicado detention

The Electronic Intifada has obtained the closed court transcript and gag order extending the detention and interrogation of journalist Majd Kayyal, which Israeli media are not permitted to report.

“Journalist not found”: Newseum has expunged Palestinians murdered by Israel from its website

The Newseum refused to explain why it decided to remove the names of two Palestinian journalists killed by Israel from its memorial.

Zionist group tries to blackmail DC's Newseum over memorial for Palestinian journalists killed by Israel

The two journalists, Mahmoud al-Kumi and Hussam Salama, were targeted and killed last November by Israeli occupation forces in the Gaza Strip, during Israel’s November assault.

Human Rights Watch: Israel’s justifications for killing journalists are “evidence of war crimes”

Official statements showing Israel’s intent to target journalist are evidence of war crimes, says rights group.


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