Revealed: Europe's "discreet" cooperation with Israel's nuclear industry

The EU’s science center is undertaking joint research with the body overseeing Israel’s weapons of mass destruction.

Racist ringleaders 2013: Israel's war on Africans intensifies

David Sheen
19 December 2013
Close-up of men wearing winter coats sitting at night

The persecution of asylum-seekers has only got worse this year.

Africans denied right to work in Israel

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
Tel Aviv
25 June 2013
Portrait of smiling man

Health ministry inspectors recently poured bleach on food in a restaurant run by refugees.

Israel coerces Africans to sign "voluntary repatriation" forms

Tel Aviv
13 March 2013

The UN’s refugee agency warns that Eritreans could be ill-treated if sent back home.

Thanks, Stanley Jordan, for pulling out of Israeli jazz fest

By heeding pleas from “boycott Israel” campaigners, the guitarist has proven that his artform is democratic.

The dirty dozen: Israel's racist ringleaders

David Sheen
12 December 2012

Naming and shaming those most responsible for Israel’s persecution of African refugees.

Why I tried to arrest Avigdor Lieberman (again)

I refuse to be silent as the European Union abets Israeli apartheid.

Walls being built on all sides of Fortress Israel

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
20 July 2012
Israel’s push to erect walls and fences around itself doesn’t end in the West Bank.

Israel blocks mother from visiting her own daughters

Mya Guarnieri
Tel Aviv
31 May 2012
Hundreds of thousands of families — from Palestinians to Southeast Asian migrant workers to African refugees — are being fractured by Israel’s racist laws which seek to limit the number of non-Jews in the country.

Israelis who sign petition for "Danish refugees" recoil in horror when asked to sign for Sudanese

Stop deportation of Danish refugees, except they aren’t Danish. A two-minute video exposes mainstream racism in the Israeli society in an excellent way, it shows how a European refugee would get the support and sympathy of the Israeli society, but an African refugee would be labeled with “disgusting” and “disease,” and should be expelled for being an “ethnic problem.”


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