Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Name Israel an “apartheid state” and divest, Tutu tells US Presbyterians

“I know firsthand that Israel has created an apartheid reality within its borders and through its occupation.”

G4S "to end" Israel prison contracts as pressure mounts over torture complicity

The news comes after dozens of campaigners disrupted the prison profiteer’s annual shareholder meeting in London.

Asked about Kerry, Tutu says Israel “mirror image” of apartheid

The backlash over US Secretary of State John Kerry’s use of the word “apartheid” to describe what would become of Israel if there is no “two-state solution” continues.

Tutu condemns US efforts to curb free speech on Palestine

“Whether used in South Africa, the US South, or India, boycotts have resulted in a transformative change that not only brought freedom and justice to the victims but also peace and reconciliation for the oppressors.”

South African church leaders endorse Israeli Apartheid Week

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and leaders of the South African Council of Churches compare Israel’s abuses to apartheid South Africa and reiterate backing for boycott, divestment and sanctions,

Boycott and Zionists’ crocodile tears for Palestinian workers

Israel’s apologists have a new line: if you don’t buy products made in Israeli settlements, then you’ll put Palestinians who make them out of a job.

Pink Floyd star's new Israel boycott letter to "family of Rock and Roll"

Roger Waters performs The Wall Live in Barcelona, 2011.

Roger Waters of the influential rock band Pink Floyd writes new open letter condemning Israeli apartheid, asking artists “not to perform or exhibit in Israel or accept any award” there.

National conference focuses on West Bank boycott efforts

The fourth BDS national conference.
Palestinian Authority faces backlash, as popular conference denounces normalization, and plans boycott expansion in West Bank.

Anti-Palestinian activist heaps praise on campus BDS campaigners

Alarmist attack by StandWithUs staffer on campus BDS activists only highlights the growing strength of divestment campaigns on US campuses

Roger Waters, Desmond Tutu urge student senators at UC Riverside not to back down on divestment vote

“Do not stand silent. Do not retreat. Do not back down. Stand firm in your principles and reject apartheid wherever it is practiced,” says Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


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