Arab uprisings

Boycotting Israel more urgent than in case of South Africa, says anti-apartheid veteran

Farid Esack describes attempts to ban him from French universities as a “huge tactical blunder.”

Abdel Bari Atwan: I was forced out by funders

The veteran Palestinian journalist opens up to The Electronic Intifada about the arm-twisting that led to his departure as editor of the London pan-Arab paper he founded.

Why does the BBC plead ignorance on Palestine?

Senior BBC editors and presenters make some startling admissions when questioned on why they pander to Israel.

Beautiful normality of Gaza's people shines in new book

Sarah Irving
23 July 2013

Louisa Waugh isn’t afraid to demolish stereotypes about Palestine or to criticize “do-gooders” from the West.

Warmonger poses as voice of reason on Palestine

Think tank “expert” Nick Witney helped Britain secure a massive arms deal in Saudi Arabia; his claims to be promoting peace in the Middle East must be questioned.

How Amnesty has let down Bradley Manning

There is nothing complex about Bradley Manning’s case, so why is the world’s best known human rights group not demanding his release?

Honoring Palestinian history: filmmaker Annemarie Jacir on "When I Saw You"

Headshot of young woman director
Annemarie Jacir on honoring the fedayeen who believed return to Palestine was a possibility.

Thomas Friedman mourns demise of "Fayyadism"

A chat with the PA’s unelected prime minister had been part of the itinerary for trips organized by the Israel lobby.

Cairo remains dependent on US aid, says scholar of Egyptian foreign policy

Sarah Irving
10 April 2013

Making Egypt more critical towards Israel requires a “structural change” within Egypt itself.

Ireland's elite abets Israel's crimes

Why has Dublin’s best-known university, Trinity College, teamed up with Israel’s war industry?


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