apartheid roads

South African church leaders endorse Israeli Apartheid Week

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and leaders of the South African Council of Churches compare Israel’s abuses to apartheid South Africa and reiterate backing for boycott, divestment and sanctions,

A fugitive in my own country

Rana Baker sees Palestine, beyond Gaza, for the first time in her life.

South African church leaders uphold Israel boycott in delegation to Palestine

High-level delegation of South African Christian leaders experience “another apartheid ambush” during visit to the West Bank.

Palestine solidarity activists tell Canterbury City Council to dump Veolia

More than a thousand citizens have joined the campaign calling on Canterbury City Council to dump Veolia, including the former Bishop of Dover.

Video: "Think of the crimes you are doing to the people" - protestors challenge Israeli road apartheid

Today Palestinians attempted to drive on the road from Jericho in the Jordan Valley in the Israeli occupied West Bank, up to Ramallah. As many of the roads in the occupied West Bank are reserved for the exclusive use of Jewish settlers, Palestinians found themselves violently blocked, and then arrested by Israeli occupation forces.

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