Amira Hass

Send dissidents to "detention centers," says Israeli columnist

Globes columnist Matti Golan advocates for interning Haneen Zoabi, Gideon Levy and “those like them.”

Israeli shelling destroys poet Othman Hussein's Gaza home

Burned books from the collection of Palestinian poet Othman Hussein
Writer and his family were able to escape harm.

Palestine freedom battle "will be won": interview with author Miko Peled

Charlotte Silver
3 October 2012
A solution can be clinched within the coming decade, according to the son of an Israeli military chief.

Censorship? Haaretz deletes Amira Hass article on surging settler violence

This is at least the second notable act of apparent censorship by Haaretz in recent months.

Factual errors undermine new book on Hamas

Asa Winstanley
16 March 2012
A new book on the Palestinian political party Hamas fails to accurately analyze the policies of the Islamic resistance movement.

Australian activists put Palestine travel ban on trial

Sarah Irving
26 September 2011
How two 69-year-old women challenged Israel’s restrictions on Welcome to Palestine protest.

Time for people power to open Rafah crossing

Haidar Eid
15 September 2011
No misinterpretation of international law can override Palestinians’ right to free movement in and out of Egypt.
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