Alan Dershowitz

Israel defender Alan Dershowitz has long history of attacking sex abuse victims

As rape allegations against Alan Dershowitz intensify, his bellicose denials, steeped in brazen hostility towards rape victims, reflect a shockingly overlooked history of hysterical misogyny and rape trutherism.

Islamophobic rally in Texas as senators push for anti-Palestinian bill

Why is a Texas senator proposing that the US move its embassy to Jerusalem? 

How Alan Dershowitz bullied rape victims to protect a serial child molester

Media coverage of Jeffrey Epstein has been particularly derelict in noting the pivotal role prominent Israel advocate Alan Dershowitz played in shielding a child rapist and possibly himself from accountability.

Defend "Israel's advocate" Alan Dershowitz against rape claims, says prominent rabbi

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach implores Jews everywhere to show gratitide to Israel’s “most eloquent defender” Alan Dershowitz with loud support against child rape allegations. 

Harvard boycotted company for anti-gay stance, but says SodaStream ban too “political”

Following an announcement that Harvard University’s dining services would suspend purchases from a company owned by SodaStream, the president stepped in.

How the Israel lobby is courting US Latinos

Rania Khalek and
Adriana Maestas
27 February 2014

Pro-Israel groups are using free trips and other tactics in effort to win over growing and influential voter bloc.

Dershowitz and Finkelstein: comrades at heart?

Steven Salaita
28 June 2013

Despite their well-known hostility, the two men espouse the same views on some key issues.

Secret files reveal Anti-Defamation League spied on Noam Chomsky

Newly-accessible documents were obatined during 1990s civil case against ADL snoops.

College officials reject claims of anti-Semitism at Brooklyn College boycott event

Public figures accused Students for Justice in Palestine at Brooklyn College of discrimination and anti-Semitism following an event with Omar Barghouti and Judith Butler.

Brooklyn College battle reveals hidden agenda of “liberal Zionism”

Max Blumenthal
New York City
12 February 2013

Why are J Street leaders afraid to debate Palestinians advocating a boycott of Israel?


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