Young Palestinian dad died from Israeli torture, forensic expert says

Arafat Jaradat, a 33-year-old father of two, died on 23 February 2013 in Israel’s Megiddo Prison.

Video: Victim recounts torture in Palestinian Authority prison

“I wish I could be as I was before, to walk on the street without fear,” says 28-year-old Osamah al-Shawamreh.

How Israeli diplomats tried to muzzle an Irish journalist

Peter Kearney
18 December 2013

Ireland’s Near FM suspended me over a broadcast describing Gaza as an open prison.

Palestinian family trapped in home as blaze raged in Israeli chemical plant

Patrick O. Strickland
17 September 2013

Locals blame high cancer levels on pollution from “factories of death.”

Israeli raid showed "total disregard" for Palestinian lives, report finds

After investigating the killing of three Palestinians, Palestinian rights organization Al-Haq finds Israeli army used excessive force.

Workers on Israel's illegal railway robbed of half their pay

Jessica Purkiss
Beit Iksa
25 July 2013

Palestinians employed on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv high speed line have confirmed they work under exploitative conditions.

Dutch settlement profiteers listed in new report

The Dutch chief prosecutor has sent a clear signal to the shareholders and directors of Dutch companies that they can be held liable – and even be criminally prosecuted – for their involvement in Israel’s violations of international law.

Dutch probe sends warning to firms abetting Israel's crimes

Salma Karmi-Ayyoub
16 May 2013

A three-year probe may not have led to a criminal prosecution but it shows that cooperating with Israel carries that risk.

Protests an "offensive" against settler attacks, West Bank villagers say

Andrew Beale
Deir Jarir
15 May 2013

Residents of Deir Jarir and Silwad are holding regular protests against Israel’s theft of their land.

Watch: Palestinian couple divulge psychological impact of Israeli imprisonment in short video

Former prisoner starts to become acquainted with his wife only to be arrested once more.


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