UNESCO to consider Palestinian village's fate

Landscape view of terraced land and stone houses
World Heritage Recognition may be last line of defense for West Bank village threatened with destruction by Israel’s wall.

"Endangered Archives" program opens up priceless Palestinian heritage

Manuscript digitization lets researchers worldwide study threatened Palestinian texts.

Resisting the “cannibalization” of Palestine’s heritage

Sarah Irving
15 April 2014

Patrick Stewart’s film “It’s Better to Jump” shows the insidious ways that the historic city of Akka is being ethnically cleansed.

Israel serves eviction orders to Palestinians in world heritage city

Patrick O. Strickland
18 March 2014

State-owned companies are trying to Judaize the old city of Akka.

Campaigners claim legal victory in Akka heritage battle

The Khan al-Umdan (Inn of the Pillars) in Akka, Palestine
Palestinian campaigners in Israel have won their court case against turning a UNESCO-listed site into a 200-room hotel.

Israel to destroy another Haifa neighborhood, evict Palestinian residents

Patrick O. Strickland
16 January 2014

Locals say that their history is being erased.

New campaign to save historic Palestinian building

Khan al-Umdan, Akka
Palestinians in the historic city of Akka have called for resistance to plans to turn their heritage into luxury tourist hotel.

Youth move back to Palestinian village stolen from their families

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
the Galilee
8 April 2013

About two dozen young people have moved into Iqrit, a village ethnically cleansed by Zionist forces in the 1940s.

Palestinian youth activists in Haifa, Akka: “Gaza is not alone in this struggle”

Sawsan Khalife'
the Galilee
21 November 2012

Israel has arrested several Palestinian citizens following Gaza solidarity demonstrations.

Built-in racism: Israeli real estate article lauds “desirable” Arab-free neighborhood

While “racial steering” of home buyers is illegal in the US, explicit racism is normal in Israeli real estate advertising.


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