Anti-Palestinian groups' advice to campus activists raises serious ethical, legal concerns

An anti-Palestinian organization’s advice to “contribute financially” to the “endeavors” of student senators continues a pattern of questionable guidance provided to campus activists

Podcast: Student activists on divestment victory at UC Riverside

Student organizers at a California university talk about the strategies they used to get a divestment resolution passed in the student government.

During AIPAC conference, activists launch ad campaign to end $30 billion aid package to Israel

Advertising campaigns in the Washington DC area highlight the Israel lobby’s financial and political support of Israel’s human rights violations.

Video: Activists crash private AIPAC fundraiser in San Francisco

The powerful Israel lobby group AIPAC has increasingly become a target of Palestine solidarity protests.

Why Obama won't take on Israel

Jonathan Cook
15 November 2012

Thinking that the US president will alter his Middle East policy is fanciful.

Palestine activism on campus and beyond: overcoming Israel's efforts to erase history

As campus activists in the US work to build a sustainable movement following the Second National Conference of Students for Justice in Palestine, it’s more important than ever to internalize and build upon the lessons of past efforts.

Official Israel government Twitter account joins partisan attacks on Obama

Is Obama ready – like Bill Clinton – to “get in a ditch, and fight and die” for Israel?

Professional BDS in South Africa overpowers pro-Israel lobby, says former AIPAC man

Former AIPAC lobbyist says that the South African boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is overpowering the pro-Israel lobby.

Why we should welcome Mitt Romney's Middle East straight talk

Mitt Romney’s comments get at a truth that is widely recognized in the US establishment though rarely spoken in public.


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