EU awards new science grant to occupation profiteer Ahava

Brussels officials appear more interested in curing wrinkles than respecting international law.

Norway urged to reintroduce investment ban on Israeli diamond magnate

Oslo government has previously condemned “grossly unethical” behavior by Lev Leviev’s Africa Israel.

Has the EU really caused an "earthquake" for Israel?

New guidelines on barring firms based in Israeli settlements from cooperating with the EU are actually quite timid.

Make sure Palestine stays on agenda, says Norwegian labor activist

“Ambassadors” appointed by Norway’s trade unions travel to Palestine, then urge a boycott of Israel when they return home.

Dutch settlement profiteers listed in new report

An earth-moving machine works in the foreground with Israeli settlement homes in background
The Dutch chief prosecutor has sent a clear signal to the shareholders and directors of Dutch companies that they can be held liable – and even be criminally prosecuted – for their involvement in Israel’s violations of international law.

UK supermarket sells fruit from illegal settlement as "made in Israel"

Israeli companies lie so routinely about the origin of their produce that EU plans to introduce new labeling guidance will probably prove unworkable.

Israel steps up SodaStream marketing in attempt to greenwash Israeli settlement crimes

The Israeli government’s use of SodaStream to greenwash the occupation may have fooled politicians and mainstream journalists, but activists aren’t duped so easily.

Settlement firms don't benefit Palestinians, says study

More than 80 percent of Palestinians employed in firms operating in Israeli settlements would quit their jobs if given an alternative.

BDS roundup: The victories of 2012

In this latest roundup of news from the global boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, we take a look back at a year full of victories.


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