Israel steps up SodaStream marketing in attempt to greenwash Israeli settlement crimes

The Israeli government’s use of SodaStream to greenwash the occupation may have fooled politicians and mainstream journalists, but activists aren’t duped so easily.

Settlement firms don't benefit Palestinians, says study

More than 80 percent of Palestinians employed in firms operating in Israeli settlements would quit their jobs if given an alternative.

BDS roundup: The victories of 2012

In this latest roundup of news from the global boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, we take a look back at a year full of victories.

Why is cosmetics brand “Yes to Carrots” trying to hide its ties to Israel?

After inquiries by The Electronic Intifada, “Yes to Carrots” deleted information about its Israeli ties.

Podcast: Sodastream "part of the occupation," says UK-based boycott activist Tony Greenstein

Activist, blogger and BDS organizer Tony Greenstein in Brighton, UK, discusses the Sodastream boycott and the growing BDS movement.

BDS roundup: Full cultural and academic boycott of Israel adopted at South African University

On this week’s roundup of BDS news: A South African university adopts a full academic and cultural boycott of Israel; A new Sodastream store will be protested every week in Brighton; and much more!

The Electronic Intifada weekly podcast: Nancy Kricorian on BDS campaigns against Israel's pillage in West Bank

Nancy Kricorian of the Stolen Beauty BDS campaign on the significance of a new report by Al Haq designating Israel’s resource theft in the Dead Sea as a crime of pillage; and much more.

EU considering ban on settlement trade, Israeli media reports

Issues first raised by boycott, divestment and sanctions movement are now being taken up by European governments.

BDS roundup: Protesters demand TIAA-CREF drop investments in companies profiting from Israel's occupation

Protesters in three US cities demand TIAA-CREF drop investments from companies profiting from Israel’s violations of international law; Jazz musicians urged to cancel gig at Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat; and more!

BDS roundup: The BDS movement, 7 years on, "stronger, more effective and more diverse than ever"

Highlighting the spectacular growth and victories of the 7-year-old BDS movement; Palestinian civil society commends author Alice Walker for her refusal to have her book published by an Israeli publisher; and more!


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