“You inspire me,” Alicia Keys tells singer who fundraises for Israeli army

Alicia Keys (center) posing with Idan Raichel (left) and Ali Paris aka Ali Amr (right)  PHOTO: Alicia Keys on Facebook
Why is an artist who just declared her commitment to social justice so closely tied to Idan Raichel, an advocate of the Israeli army who endorses torture?

Diamond magnate may be lying about Israel settlement pullout, activists warn

Africa Israel previously deceived the Norwegian government about its occupation profiteering business practices.

NBC refuses to receive petition calling for end to occupied Jerusalem shoot

More than 5,000 people called on the network to end its involvement in the action series DIG which will be set and shot in eastern occupied Jerusalem.

Norway urged to reintroduce investment ban on Israeli diamond magnate

Oslo government has previously condemned “grossly unethical” behavior by Lev Leviev’s Africa Israel.

BDS roundup: In latest setback, Veolia Water drops California contract bid following boycott campaign

Veolia Water withdraws its bid on a contract in northern California following sustained BDS campaigning; Sodastream’s Super Bowl ad gets spoofed by activists; and more.

New year's resolutions for the networked activist

Understanding the basic principles behind how networks function is essential knowledge for any activist. Abraham Greenhouse offers a short list of new year’s resolutions for the network-savvy organizer.

BDS roundup: Boycott actions for the holidays; St. Louis to investigate Veolia before voting on contract

Activists in the US and in Australia urge holiday shoppers to boycott Israeli settlement products; and St. Louis city officials delay a vote on a contract and will begin a full investigation into Veolia’s history.

New Zealand’s national pension fund dumps Israeli firms building “illegal” settlements, wall

“Findings by the United Nations that the Separation Barrier and settlement activities were illegal under international law were central to the Fund’s decision to exclude the companies.”

BDS roundup: Alice Walker, Roger Waters call on Carnegie Hall to cancel Israel Philharmonic Orchestra performance

Artists call on Carnegie Hall to cancel the upcoming performance of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra; Indian, Israeli BDS campaigners call on a Delhi arts festival to rescind Israel’s Cameri Theatre invitation to perform, and more!


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