Washington supreme court hears arguments on Olympia co-op's boycott of Israeli goods

Two courts have already ruled the lawsuit against the co-op is frivolous; now the Washington state supreme court will weigh in.

Anti-gay Christian group threatens to sue hotel for hosting scholars who endorse Israel boycott

The group invokes a new California law alleging the academic boycott enables “unlawfully discrimination,” but the American Studies Association is still going forward with plans.

Israel's incompetent global campaign of "lawfare"

Pro-Israel groups are using court venues around the world in an attempt to stilfe the Palestinian-led boycott campaign, but are having surprisingly mixed results.

US confiscating a quarter of “Holy Land Five” wife’s wages

Aviva Stahl
New York City
11 March 2014

Ghassan Elashi’s wife’s garnished wages are the latest example of how far the US is willing to go to silence and scare those involved in Palestinian activism.

How the FBI blacklisted US' largest Muslim civil rights group

Charlotte Silver
San Francisco
22 October 2013
Woman stands in front of Council on American-Islamic Relations sign

Tenuous evidence used to smear Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Victory for campus free speech as US Dept. of Education throws out “anti-Semitism” complaints

The US Department of Education has thrown out three separate legal claims filed by Zionist students against the University of California.

Podcast: Israel wants to criminalize human rights defenders, says head of Palestinian group raided by army

Sahar Francis of Addameer, the Palestinian prisoners’ advocacy organization, says that the Israeli army’s recent raids on human rights groups in the West Bank is because of Palestinian civil society advocacy for human rights and BDS.

ACLU condemns “lawfare” targeting campus Palestine solidarity activism

A letter sent Monday to the Department of Education from the ACLU states that Israel-aligned groups’ complaints of discrimination because of Palestine activism “raises constitutional red flags that are significant and alarming.”

US federal court upholds state secrets privilege, foregoing rights of Muslim citizens

Invoking state secrets, a federal court has dismissed a class-action case against the FBI for unlawfully surveilling southern California’s Muslim community.

"You will be punished if you don't become an informant": ACLU's Nancy Murray on Tarek Mehanna case

Nancy Murray, education director of the ACLU of Massachusetts, explains why she believes a “Muslim exception” is being carved out of the First Amendment, how a juror came to Tarek Mehanna’s sentencing hearing last week to ask the judge for mercy, and why Mehanna’s case has wide-reaching implications.


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