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NYU silent after Israel bans Palestinian student from “coexistence” program

Its silence contrasts with university leaders’ loud condemnations of calls for the boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

Documents reveal Zionist group spied on US student delegation to Palestine

Asa Winstanley and
Nora Barrows-Friedman
29 January 2014

Secret files show that Zionists are deeply worried about growing boycott movement and think that even projects aimed at coexistence are bad for Israel.

Backlash against boycotting Israel's universities reeks of hypocrisy

David Letwin
New York
17 January 2014

Supporters of Israeli apartheid feign concern for the oppressed.

“Politicians are cowards” on Israel, says prominent Australian scholar

Samah Sabawi
14 January 2014

Cruelty “hallmark of Israel’s policies,” says prominent boycott advocate.

The taboo on boycotting Israel has been broken

David Lloyd
26 November 2013

The American Studies Association’s meeting showed that the time of fear of debate over boycotting Israel may be over.

Why we must boycott Israeli universities

Colin Dayan and
David Lloyd
22 November 2013

The right to education can’t be afforded to Israelis and Americans but not to Palestinians.

Journal of Academic Freedom caves in to pro-Israel pressure

Several US university professors are accusing the Journal of Academic Freedom of caving in to pressure to publish a series of essays opposing the academic boycott of Israeli institutions.

Zionist group renews attacks on California professor

Professor David Klein is under attack once again for his public support of the boycott movement.

College officials reject claims of anti-Semitism at Brooklyn College boycott event

Public figures accused Students for Justice in Palestine at Brooklyn College of discrimination and anti-Semitism following an event with Omar Barghouti and Judith Butler.

US university lecturer's shocking hate speech against Arab, Muslim students condemned

Video shows anti-Palestinian campaigner smearing campus activists as anti-Semites with terror ties.


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