Abu Dis

In photos: Israel destroys protest camp, Palestinians vow to rebuild

Silvia Boarini
Abu Dis
26 February 2015

Gateway to Jerusalem built to stop Netanyahu settlement plan.

Jerusalem students face constant harassment by Israeli forces

Patrick O. Strickland
Abu Dis
25 March 2014

Attaining the goals of higher education is impossible when universities are under attack.

UK retailer refuses to shun occupation profiteer SodaStream

John Lewis ignores international guidelines about the need to avoid aiding Israel’s human rights abuses.

Video shows nightly brutality of Israeli occupation forces in Jerusalem

Jerusalem youths “rising up against the wall of starvation and apartheid.”

Israel refuses to investigate torture of 16-year-old

Mohammad Halabiyeh was beaten with an iron bar while police brought him to hospital.

How Abu Dis' hills were stolen in the night

Lee Baker
18 May 2012
Stories from Abu Dis, a suburb which found itself suddenly cut off from Jerusalem by Israel’s wall.

"Present absentee" keeps fighting against Israel's wall in al-Walaja

Tanzil Chowdhury
18 April 2012
Sheerin al-Araj, a resident of al-Walaja village, is fighting tooth and nail against Israel’s encroaching settlement projects and the wall, which both continue to rapidly confiscate more village land.

2,600 Bedouins threatened with displacement as Israeli settlements expand

Sophie Crowe
7 February 2012
Twenty Bedouin communities in the Jerusalem area, in which 2,600 persons live, are facing displacement to make way for Israeli settlement expansion
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