Abraham Foxman

US isolated in latest UN vote on Palestine

But resolutions appear to have been watered down from earlier stronger versions.

Evaluating Abraham Foxman

No evaluation of Abe Foxman’s legacy is complete without mention of the harm he committed to Jews and other minorities.

As Ambassador Power praises ADL, Abe Foxman savages John Kerry

Foxman’s open attack on a US secretary of state, especially one who has been so friendly to Israel, is unusual.

ADL issues 2013 list of top 10 "anti-Israel groups"

There are some surprising inclusions and omissions on the Zionist group’s latest list.

Has Abe Foxman lost confidence in American Jews?

About half of American Jews do not think the current Israeli government is making a sincere effort to bring about a peace settlement.

In shock reversal, Abe Foxman's ADL speaks out against rights for Arab Jews

What can explain the sudden hostility to the rights of Arab Jews being recognized in Egypt?

When former CIA chief David Petraeus enraged the Israel lobby

Petraeus articulated a taboo viewpoint: that Israel may be a strategic burden to the US.

Lobby takes gloves off in assault on Christian leaders who questioned US aid to Israel

Pro-Israel groups threaten to use their muscle to get Congress to investigate “delegitimizers of Israel.”

Abe Foxman's ADL lets its bigotry slip: in its view there are no Palestinian citizens of Israel

It’s simple: The ADL’s poll is very much like a “comprehensive poll” of American public opinion that interviews only white people, or only Christians.


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