2006 war on Lebanon

Filmmakers challenge Israel "spotlight" at this year's Locarno Festival

Palestinian and international artists express “deep concern” over Israeli government-funded festival plans to promote Israeli cinema.

Why is the American Federation of Teachers promoting Israeli apartheid?

Randi Weingarten, president of 1.5 million-strong teachers union, leads Israel propaganda tours and promotes J Street’s anti-Palestinian agenda.

Israel is deliberately targeting civilians in Gaza

This isn’t the first time Israel has targeted civilians on a mass scale, but rather a repeat of war crimes committed in Lebanon in 2006 and perfected in Gaza in 2008-2009.

Zionist Federation tribute to UK’s Chief Rabbi to include bomber of Beirut as “special guest”

Eliezer Shkedi and Jonathan Sacks
Britain’s Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks will be honored at a Zionist-Federation-organized event Sunday with a “special guest,” the Israeli Air Force Commander who oversaw the devastating attacks on Lebanon and Gaza in 2006.

Inciting war crimes: Israel minister says force Gaza population into Egypt, cut off water, electricity

Katz, a member Netanyahu’s Likud Party, appears to be inciting war crimes of the kind Israel committed in Lebanon and previously in Gaza.

Zena el Khalil's critically praised "Beirut, I Love You" now available as e-book

"Beirut, I Love You," by Zena el Khalil -- artist, author and contributor to The Electronic Intifada during Israel's bombing of Beirut in July 2006 -- is now available in e-book format.

Israel's cluster bombs continue to kill and maim in Lebanon

Dalila Mahdawi
14 September 2011
Indiscriminate weapon used more by Israel than any other country since the early 1990s.

EU helps Israeli colonel pose as Florence Nightingale

Why is a medical conference involving the Israeli military being sponsored by the European Union?

Israeli bullets killed protesters, yet Syria is responsible say Israel, US

The Government of Israel, which has occupied the Syrian Golan Heights since 1967, has stated its intention to complain to the United Nations over the march from Syria on the occupied Golan Heights yesterday. At least twenty persons are reported to have been killed by Israeli fire during a protest marking Naksa Day or the 1967 occupation of Arab lands.

Quartet ex-envoy's investment helps Israel greenwash settlements

Ali Abunimah
6 May 2010


Former World Bank president and Middle East Quartet envoy James D. Wolfensohn is an investor in an Israeli company that is developing transport infrastructure for Jewish-only settlements built in the occupied West Bank in violation of international law, an investigation by The Electronic Intifada reveals.


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